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Custom stationery to meet your every need. 

Allow Distinctive Stationery Baltimore to assist with your next stationery project. With a long history of proving high quality stationery to America's dignitaries, we offer many options to meet your needs. 

Our printing techniques include...

Intaglio engraved stationery - The oldest of our printing techniques, intaglio was invented in Germany in the early 1400's. Your logo or type is etched into a copper plate which will trap the ink. Using our 1917 press, the plate is inked and the surface wiped clean before the paper is pressed against the plate, releasing the ink and leaving a slightly raised impression that can be felt above the paper.   

Letterpress printed stationery - Letterpress printing is our next oldest technique. Unlike engraving, raised images are used to make an impression.  Originally etched wooden or metal blocks were used for images and individual letters that had to be hand placed were used for type. Today the larger wooden letters are often used in home decoration and the "type cases" that once housed the smaller individual metal letters are used on walls as shadowboxes. Often people associate letterpress printing with a slightly debossed impression, however, a skilled letterpress operator is able to print on paper without leaving such an impression.  

Embossed stationery - A metal die and counterdie are used to push a design above (embossing) or below (debossing) the surface. Embossing alone is one of the most environmentally friendly techniques available today.

Foil stamped stationery - Pigment or metallic foil is applied to paper using a heated metal die to release the foil from the backer leaving only the desired characters and/or design on the substrate. It does not produce a raised image unless combined with embossing.

Digitally printed stationery - Offering a full range of colors, the newest printing technique we offer is good for sharp photos and eye popping color. This technique uses toner and microscopic dots to create an image.

Offset printed stationery - Today's solution for large print runs, most newspapers and books are printed using offset techniques. Individual plates are created for each color to be printed. The ink is transferred to the metal plate, then printed on a rubber blanket, and finally "offset" to the paper. Today's offset presses are a world apart from the 1904 version. 

Some people aren't fond of change, and we're not either. If you need us to recreate a stationery item you already have, it's best to mail us a sample. Unless you know exactly what paper stock and ink colors were used, that is the only way we are able to give you an exact repeat of what you've grown fond of. 

For a quote on a custom printed job please reach out to us via email at or phone at 410-247-5600.

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